monetise your magic in 2024


Discover "Unlock and Amplify," a transformative 6-step program delivered over two days that conquers tech fears and unveils your hidden magic. Fusing discovery, storytelling, and accessible technology, it empowers you to craft persuasive narratives and delightful customer experiences.

  • The discovery where we co-define your vision and challenges.

  • Your complete value map where we unlock your value beyond your existing & future products and services.

  • Your customer defined to ensure a deep understanding as we map your value to their heirachy of needs.

  • Build your storybook of value which includes all of the prioritised chapters of your story & the customer messaging.

  • Your products, tools & assets prioritised and planned against customer needs.

  • Your customer experience (and tech) to build an seamless experience from awareness to sale.

The outcome is a full roadmap and 12 week plan

Digital is the amplifier of your story. In 2022, 5.3 billion people were connected to the internet - geography, time, technology and language are no longer a barrier. What problem would you solve?

About your coach

Jane's journey as a brand builder began at the famed Saatchi & Saatchi, where she worked with global brands. In 2000, she ventured into the digital landscape, advising brands on digital strategy and helping them grow online while enhancing customer engagement. Now, Jane brings her expertise from scaling 8 and 9 figure businesses to this course, sharing her methodologies to help you unlock and amplify your potential.

Digital technology empowers you to amplify your magic, reaching a staggering 5.6 billion potential global audience members, unfettered by geography, time, technology, or language barriers. Imagine the possibilities: What innovative creations will you bring to life? Which problems will you tackle and resolve? What untapped market opportunities await your exploration?

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